About Us

About Us

Our mission is to
Come Alive to God 
His Kingdom;
to be life-giving.

One of the first things you may see when you come to GMC is this phrase. It’s written in our bulletins, in our social media bios, and even painted on our walls. 

It’s the heartbeat of the church.

Our deepest desire is to see people come alive to God. We want everyone to experience the love of God the Father, grace and salvation through Jesus and friendship with Holy Spirit.

But it doesn’t stop there; God also has a kingdom and we are a part of it. In his Kingdom there is freedom, healing, wholeness, there’s joy, peace and love. God works through us to bring His Kingdom to Earth. He chose us to bring this good news to others. 

The last part of the phrase, to be life-giving, relates to coming alive. It’s our natural response to the goodness of God. It’s why we offer prayer after our services. It’s why we teach many courses and retreats. It’s why we go out and serve and love on our community. 

Don’t just come and see, come and experience what God has for you.

Our setting is casual so come in what you are comfortable wearing.