There are many courses available to take at GMC that cover a range of topics. We want to be intentional about learning and growing in our faith and these courses can be a great help with that. Below are the courses we offer and their upcoming dates.

SET FREE WEEKEND RETREAT:  Set Free Retreat is a weekend set aside to meet with Jesus. At this retreat we focus on learning how to deal with the hurts, hang-ups and struggles that we all face on a daily basis and come to a place of freedom inside our hearts from the past. Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching then you really are my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. -John 8:31-33. The cost of the Weekend is $30 per person and $50 per couple.

Upcoming Set Free Retreat: May 4th-5th 2018

HEARING GOD COURSE: This course is a 6 week course offered during the week and answers the question does God still speak today? This is one of the most important questions a Christian can explore, and has huge implications for every aspect of a person’s life and walk with God. Join this course as we 

  • Lay out the biblical foundations for hearing the voice of God. 
  • Talk about the different ways that God speaks to us today.
  • And activate you to practise listening to the voice of our Father.

BAPTISM CLASS: If you want to take to step of Baptism come join our 3 week class about what it means to be baptized and to help prepare your heart and life for this step.

Upcoming Baptism Class Start Dates:  May 17th 2018

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PARTNERSHIP CLASS: If you have been attending for 6 months and want to consider becoming a parter and jump into serving the church then sign up for the 5 week long partnership class. Partnership Class is a great way for you and our Church to get to know each other. There is no other class at GMC that gets to the roots of who we are as a church and what we stand for and believe. In the Partnership class you will find out who we are as a church and try to find out ways in which you can use your gifts to serve here at GMC! If you are wanting to volunteer and get involved you will need to take a partnership class, if you are unable to attend because of location and schedule email us and we will see if we can work something out. 

Upcoming Classes Starting Dates: January 25th 2018, and May 2nd 2018

Click Here to Sign up for the Upcoming Partnership Class Starting January 25th

CONQUER SERIES: A course on Male Purity: The Conquer Series is 5 week course of teaching on sexual purity to help men get to the root of bondage, while offering proven principles and practical tools to conquer sexual sin and find freedom. The Conquer Series, is not about behaviour modification, but heart transformation. This life-changing, discipleship curriculum provides insights from top Christian leaders who lay out biblical strategies, scientific facts and teach men how to use God’s weapons to become conquerors. The format of the course will be watching the DVD teaching and then meeting in small groups for a time of sharing and accountability.  The cost of the course is $20.
Upcoming Conquer Series: February 1st, 2018

GIFTS CLASS: Every one has gifts that God has put inside of them to bless this world and serve and glorify God. The gifts course is a wonderful way to find out more about who you are and discover what gifts God has put inside of you! 

Upcoming Gifts Class Starts March 15th, 2018

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MAKING OF A LEADER: This 7 week course focuses on leadership from a biblical perspective. And takes an in depth look at what is in the make up of a godly leader. 

Upcoming Making of a Leader Course: March 20th, 2018

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GO! EVANGELISM CLASS: This course is 4 week course Thursdays 7:00-9:00.  Go Evangelism Class is all about reaching our friends, family, co-workers, and everyone we see for Christ. It focuses on being missional wherever we are wether at work, shopping, out for coffee or going to the gym and to live a naturally supernatural life. During this course we will teach about evangelism, stir up our heart for a the lost and challenge each other to step out of our comfort zone and dream about how we can reach people with the love of Jesus. 

Upcoming GO! Class: April 19th 2018

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